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Sometimes, you’ve just got to dream. This website has been a long-term goal of mine for many years: a one-stop shop, an archive for anyone who wants more than the obvious for Yu Yu Hakusho. And here it is, at long last: Springtime for Yu Yu Hakusho, combining grace with style, and hopefully making things easier for all the Yu Yu fans, big and small.

With a gallery full to bursting, some of the best fanfiction this fandom has produced, and downloads for just about every doujinshi on the circuit, you’ll find everything you need.

Whether you’re new to the fandom or have been watching it for years, Springtime for Yu Yu Hakusho is the source for you!

About Springtime

Yu Yu Hakusho is a great old animanga that is close to my heart, and has been since I was very young. I encourage viewers to take this website the way it was intended, as just a fan sharing a wealth of geeky knowledge with other fans.

I neither own nor created any of the material shared on this site. I just think it’s high time someone put everything back in the hands of the fans, and made things easy to find.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I’ve used something of yours against your wishes!

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    • Yup, it’s still active. I’m sorry there hasn’t been an update in a while, I’m the only maintainer/owner/moderator and I’ve been swamped by schoolwork. @_@ But I am here, the website is still active, and feel free to look around!

      • does anyone know where i might be able to find some yu yu hakusho items that are for sale i have been looking everywhere but it is hard to find anything. (other than the 4 complete seasons which i might need to repurchase because i never get tired of watching one of the best anime shows ever!)

        • What sort of things are you looking for? Ebay has a deal of stuff, and you can get White Rabbit Express to buy from Japanese shops for you, just give me an idea of the kind of merchandise you’re looking for. <3

          • honestly im not really sure, i have looked on ebay from time to time but i have not seen much on there and people usually expect a ridiculous price on there. i do know i like the figurines you have a pic of on here! but i guess some types of things i would love to be able to find would be posters and shirts,iron on patches or other memorabilia. i do know i would really want something,anything with raizen or yusuke in his demon form! me and my wife are expecting our first child soon and our chosen name for him is raizen lol

            • Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what venue you use, you’re gonna have to fork over quite a bit of money for any memorabilia. I’ve seen those figures on ebay before, but they were all hundreds of dollars. Some new figurines came out not that long ago, but I think they’re already sold out. Would you like me to look into that for you?

          • also i was wondering if you could tell me why yusuke has a different voice and attitude in poltergeist report? the english versions that is.

          • yes if you would not mind that would be great!!!! yea i did see an awesome voodoo looking doll of hiei on ebay for really cheap and a cosplay wig lol the doll was pretty cool but im not into the wig lol. but yea the figurines were round 100 or more us dollars for only 4 of them. it seems that noone really likes kuwabara lol his were on there for about 15 to 30 dollars…poor guy :-) and thanks for the congrats. yea i was mad when i tried to watch poltergeist report i made it about 15 min. before i gave up on it. i really wish they would bring back yu yu hakusho the way they left the final season you would think they would pick it back up. so much room to keep on going with it. im sorry i had to reply back on this message it would not let me do it on your last response to me and thank you for everything you have been more helpful than any store i have bothered with these questions hehe ;-) i love the site you got here as well you are most definitely an awesome person.

            • It really doesn’t matter where you get ‘em, unless you’re buying from a private collection like I did for my Kurama, Botan, and Suzaku, they’re gonna be expensive. ;_;

              Haha, Kuwabara always gets a bum deal. I love him though. <3 You know what you could do (while I try to figure out if those figures are still possible to buy) is go to a plushie-making rig and buy a custom plushie. It’s not much, but it’s something, and often you can get them for much cheaper than the official plushies. I have two custom Karasu’s and a custom Kurama (though I can’t remember where the heck my second Karasu and my Kurama are, so I can’t tell you who made them – they were commissioned at a con, y’see).

              I never watch Poltergeist unless it’s in Japanese. XD The Japanese voice actors are all right, if you like the sub. :E But yeah, doesn’t it suck?

              Thanks for saying I’m awesome! I’ll get back to you soon with info about those figures, hopefully.

  1. wow! is all i can say that is awesome, those figurines look way better than anything i have seen on ebay! thanks so much for all this info! i love the custom plushie idea as well i am considering getting as many as i can of the different characters, i would really love to do a huge one of pu! heck yeah i was upset with poltergeist. honestly though i could not imagine any of the original voices by the Japanese versions. i know t is prolly because im used to the english dub, but i cant see or hear a better voice to fit hiei or kurama or heck any of them the english voices just fit the personalities more than perfectly! i was actually looking at getting the dragon of the darkness flame tattoo on my arm! but i tell ya that was an expensive want. lol but anyway i have been searching for a custom plushie site but no luck for what i want yet. how did you go about doing it? did you have to just upload a picture or did you have to use like a full 3d example to get the plushie custom made? sorry bout all the questioning lol you would swear i have never used a computer before lol.

    • Aren’t those figures great? I was SO depressed the Toguro Vs. Yusuke one was sold out by the time I found out about it. Toguro’s my favorite character, I’m hoping there’s a restock soon. For the custom plushies, it really only matters who you go to, because different people will ask for different things (though most of them will want fanart or official art of the character, if it comes down to that). I would shop around if I were you, look at different sites and deviantarts, find someone who’s good at making them and/or reasonably priced.

      If you need pictures of any one character so they can make the plushie, and you don’t have any that work, comment here and I’ll do a big upload of pics for the character for you. :) Keep in mind, a lot of people make custom plushies but they’re not all well-made. I really wish I could remember who I commissioned my Karasu and Kurama from, they did an excellent job.

      Sorry I can’t be more help. <3

      • yea they are great! i saw the yusuke vs. toguro one it was pretty admirable! i spent most of yesterday trying to find someone to make the plushies and have only been able to find companies that have a selection of bodies to choose from but no fully custom designing offers one i found was ok but they have a minimum of 500 pieces for an order lol, i dont know what i would do with that many! it would be most helpfull if you could post some pics for me i know i want to have yusuke, yusuke demon form,kuwabara,kurama,yoko kurama,hiei (with the dragon of darkness flame tattoo and jagon eye open) and both versions of pu. made as plushies. and you have been more than helpful! thank you for everthing. :-)

  2. Do you think that any production house would make a sequel after three kings.Please reply i am sucker for old anime this is my favourite anime of all time.Is there any hope?

    • Only if they decide to make a new show with the exact same plot-line, ending at the same place, but with new art and new voice actors. And even that’s unlikely.

      • den d author might give a try after finishing hunter x hunter,but that would take a long time right right?

      • That would be interesting. The Japanese cast would be different for sure which is disheartening. But I know FUNimation would pick up the English dub (duh) so yeah.

        btw I’m Just 2 Dream of You on FFN

        • Even if Funimation does pick it back up, it’s doubtful they’ll have even the same English voice actors (at least, not all of them). I both want it to happen and don’t. Might bring new people into the fandom, but I’m leery of new voice acting.

            • The four main are a given. I was actually thinking more of side-characters. They won’t get EVERYBODY back, and a wrong-voiced Toguro, Karasu, hell, even Touya would be a clincher for me, not gonna lie.

              Hey, it might happen, but Yu Yu Hakusho has a lot of dated things in it (Kuwabara’s pompadour on a punk middle school student, for example, or the fact that everyone in that show uses VHS, or Kurama’s big-ass early cell phone). It takes more work to remake a show that’s meant to be “contemporary” but was written in 1990 than you or I may appreciate. I’m not saying it won’t happen, I’m saying most of the things that are getting remakes are either classics (Evangelion) or set in the kind of loosey-goosey fictional world where the datedness doesn’t matter so much, because you can play it off as world-building (Hunter x Hunter).

  3. This is freaking amazing. I just found this and whoa. I’m blown away. Excellent job! Gotta go look around now -runs like hell-

        • Join my “I’m sick of HxK” club! I started it in 2003.

          Hey, tell me what you /want/ to see, pairings-wise, and if you want it to be plot or hentai, and I’ll hook you up. Yaoi, yuri, het, doesn’t matter, I guarantee I have it.

          • Hmm, where is that club? lol

            The only het pairing I like now is Hiei/Botan but Hiei/Mukuro is ok…(I’m warming up to it…slowly…) and OCs are fine. Just anything HieixFemale. Haha.

            Oh, btw. I downloaded the CDs you have here. Super Dance Mix is hysterical! What is UP with Hiei?! Is he drunk or something? Lmao, I don’t speak Japanese but I can kinda follow along. Do you know the story-line? Like, what is his problem? And is that Hiei sneezing at the end? Too cute. Thanks!

  4. Oh btw, do you know the story-line to Super Dance Mix? It sounds funny with Hiei freaking out all over the place but I don’t speak Japanese lol. Whaaat is going on?? Thank you again!

  5. I hate to bother you again, but do you have any pics or doujinshi of Hiei being sick? And I mean, sneezing, blankets, hurt/comfort stuff. I don’t care if it’s yaoi or even untranslated. You gave me pics in that HxM zip I’ve never seen so I figured if anyone had anything like this, it would be you. Sorry to bother ya. n.n

  6. this is the first yyh site i’ve visited that’s still active and being updated. like you said above, yyh is a very old animanga, but no matter how old it is, its the one i always come back to. thanks for helping to keep yyh alive :)

  7. Just wanted to let you know I love the fact that this website exists & that the fandom isn’t dead! All my appreciation and love to the staff members that keep this place running! Keep it up, guys! <333

    • Thank you! In reality, by the way, this site is owned and maintained by one person, me. I really wish I had a staff… (Regardless, thank you, and I certainly will keep it up.)


  9. I have to say, I really love this site! I hope you haven’t given up on it. Yyh is probably my one true fandom that I’ll hold dear to my heart until the day I die. (I also probably know too much about the series for my own good.) I know you’re doing this by yourself, so I wanted to take a moment to encourage you and to thank you for all of your hard work (and incredible stories!) I only wish I could I could help out somehow.
    Best of luck!

    • Aw, thank you. <3 It means a lot when someone takes the time to tell me I’m doin’ an okay job of site-running.

      I haven’t given up on it, it’s just a lot of work, and I’ve had other things pressing on me. I’ll try to upload a few more doujinshi, just for you. <3

      • Wow, I feel so honored! ^-^ Thank you! I wish I could I help out somehow. I’m not sure how much help I could be, but I’m willing to offer my help if I can be of any use. ^-^

        • Naw, it’s alright. Nobody needs to suffer for this goliath but me. <3 Thank you for offering, though! Go check out the Scanlations A-M section, there’s two new doujinshi, Masochism Beast and Master of Sex, available in it!

  10. nice stuff you have here ^^ even some from radical boys i suggest if you get a hold of it ghost legend i get my stuff from anime cons its nice to see it translated ^~ and such a lovely selection for my fave pairing yusuke x hiei.

  11. Oh my god, I nearly had a heart attack. I read the above title as “Bye Fans” instead of “By Fans” and I thought you were shutting this website down. x___x;; Bless you for making this website! Also, your twitter link isn’t working, I’ve love to follow you!

    • Don’t you worry, I’ll keep this website open as long as possible! Is it not working? Stupid twitter app. The site’s account is SpringforYYH. ^^ It’s not exciting, though.

  12. So happy this site exists! :) I actually stumbled upon it a while ago but my internet shyness kept me from showing my appreciation. So here it is now, thank you for this lovely site and also your beautiful writing! This is my favorite animanga series, and I’m really sad I left the fandom for a few years. Coming back it’s a little depressing to see/hear how many others left, though I can’t really talk I guess. At least there are still some people who feel strongly enough about it to keep it alive.

    • Well, I’m still here, and will of course be happy to provide you with YYH stuff to your heart’s content. Thanks for the compliments!

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